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What do you cook with on Site? Take a look at some of the options available, there are the traditional Charcoal BBQ's, Gas BBQs, The Cadac, The Cob, Electric BBQs and no doubt many more. So lets take a look at just a few.




The Traditional Charcoal BBQ

Comes in many shapes and sizes and is favoured by many, food defiantly has that BBQ taste that only charcoal can produce. On the down side they can be messy and difficult to clean. When using these BBQs dont forget you need to allow the charcoal to burn for some time before putting food on the grill.

The Gas BBQ

Often takes on the same shapes and sizes as the traditional charcoal units but the coals are replaced by a gas burners. Much quicker to fire up and cleaner, both in burning and ease of washing up after. Dont forget you will need an additional gas bottle to power the unit, unless you transfer the one from your camping unit.

The Cadac

A very popular unit with the benefit of clean gas burner and easy removable and cleanable surfaces. The units are designed to be split down for easy convenient packing away. Cooking surfaces can be changed with options of wok cooking, hot plate and grill plate and various others attachments.

The Cobb

An interesting unit again used by many, able to cook full chickens and many other foods. Small compact and relatively cheap to run, well worth considering.



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