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Outwell Montana Lake Outwell Birdland
Outwell Glendale Outwell  Monterey Outwell Maui Reef
Our Choice Of Outwell Tents for 2011


Outwell Montana Lake

Our choice from Outwell a Montana in polly cotton, the Outwell Montana Lake looks to be the answer to many campers dreams and not before time. Outwells Montana has always been a great tent but producing a polly cotton version can only raise its profile even higher. We think this will be one of the most sought after polly cottons on the market in 2011.



Outwell Montana Lake


Did very well as the Outwell Montana and a favourit with many outwell fans, but now available as a polly cotton the Outwell Montana Lake could well be Outwells polly cotton flagship. Great design and many fans of the original Outwell Montana have been waiting for this


Outwell Birdland

From Outwell deluxe collection we think the Outwell Birdland is the one to look out for, a great value quality compact tent from Outwell. Can accommodate up to 3 people with a good size living area, we see the Outwell Birdland being a favourite with couples not wanting to take on a big tent but looking for quality accommodation that doesn't take for ever to erect. The Birdland looks like it could fly off the shelves


Should make a great holiday or weekend tent, not to much work in setting up and packing away and can see this coming in at a reasonable price for new or experienced campers. Sure we will see much more of the Outwell Birdland in 2011


Outwell Monterey


Outwell Gendale


Outwell Maui Reef

Check out the all new Outwell Maui Reef in the new 2011 colours one of many in this new colour from Outwell for 2011. The Outwell Maui Reef looks stunning and stands out from the crowd. Looking for a head turner from Outwells 2011 range the Outwell Maui Reef will fit the bill. You won't loose your tent on the field in this colour, unless you are camping with other 2011 Outwell tents that is. One thing you can rest assured with is that any of the Outwell 2011 tents will bring quality to your camping experience.




More Outwell Tents


Looking for a name you can rely on, they don't come much better than Outwell with many years of quality tents to their credit. Here we have a selection of some of the best from Outwell over the years. From the  Avant Garde Collection we take a look at the Outwell Maryland, Outwell Ohio and the Outwell Arkansas 5. The Outwell Florida 6 and one of our long term favourites the Outwell Montana 6 from the Premium Collection, the  Outwell Carolina and the Outwell Alderney Pop Up from the Deluxe Collection. Last but not least from the Classic Collection we have the  Outwell Trout Lake, Outwell Indian Lake, and the Outwell Wolf Lake. In the Comfort Collection we take a look at the Outwell Baltic Sea and the Outwell Andamand Sea L. More tents on page 2 but check these out first




The Outwell Range Of Tents


Outwell Andaman Sea L


One of Outwell's smaller tents sleeps 3 but every bit an Outwell, expect the high quality. It's not going to be the cheapest 3 man tent around but if you intend using it on a regular basis then this could be the one for you. Sleeping up to 3 across the tent at the rear end and providing a front end living area. A compact 3 berth or great 2 berth for touring and it's not going to fall apart after two or three uses. We like it

Outwell Andaman Sea L

Capacity: 3 person

Total weight: 19.7 kg

Pack size: 27 x 79 cm




Outwell Alderney Pop Up


A great pop up and it's from Outwell, need we say more! The Outwell Alderney is available in black, mocca or green. Sleeps two, super fast erection (pop up) sewn in ground sheet, a no nonsense tent, reliable and comfortable. Like the look then buy it they don't come much better at this price.

Capacity: 2 person

Total weight: 5.o kg

Pack size: 98 x 5 cm




Outwell Baltic Sea L


The Outwell Baltic Sea L, we like this a lot Quality, sturdy and fit for purpose all in all a great tent at a very reasonable price. Available in the L sleeps 5 and M sleeps 3, we think the L provides the best value, according to Outwell good for families who want real comfort in an all-round tent, we agree but also what a great tent for a couple touring the UK. Can be pitched fly sheet first or all in one. 


Capacity: 3 person

Total weight: 14.2 kg

Pack size: 21 X 75 cm


Capacity: 5 person

Total weight: 24.7kg

Pack size: 30 x 80cm




Outwell Trout Lake


Quality Quality Quality, that's the Outwell Trout Lake. Looking for a cheap tent then don't look here, want something that will last, oozes with quality and be a dream to pitch, live in, tour and love, then you have arrived, the Outwell Trout Lake may be the answer to your dream. It's that good. Sleeps up to 4 but we are talking super luxury  with just two. A polycotton tent, feel the benefit when its pitched, Zip out ground sheet, regardless of what Outwell say it's best suited to, if you can fit into it it's a great tent for anything. Best pollycotton 4 person for the money in our opinion. 

Outwell Trout Lake

Capacity: 4 person

Total weight: 23.4 kg tent  + 15.6 kg poles

Pack size:  35 x 101 tent 16 x 89 poles cm





Outwell Wolf Lake 5


The Outwell Wolf Lake, ultimate comfort and flexibility, a polycoton tent that is like home from home. The Outwell Wolf Lake 5 is the smaller of the two Wolf Lake tents from Outwell, the other being the Wolf Lake 7. The 5 offers rear sleeping accommodation for up to 5 people and ample living area. If you are looking for a roomy tent this could well fit the bill.


Capacity: 5 person

Total weight 28.1kg Tent 24.7kg Poles

Pack size: 24 x 110cm Tent 25 x 105 Poles


Capacity7 person

Total weight: 38.5kg Tent 29.O kg Poles

Pack size: 37 x 95 cm Tent 38 x 109 cm Poles




Outwell Indian Lake


A Tepee that sleeps up to 6 people, it's different, got to give Outwell that, its going to stand out in the crowd but it's no novelty, its got the Outwell Quality stamp all over it. Polly Cotton,  zip out ground sheet, Alloy Poles. Don't you just want one.

Outwell Indian Lake

Capacity: 6 person

Total weight: 21.4 kg Tent 14.3 kg Poles Pack size: 25 x 87cm Tent  20 x 87cm Poles


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