LED Bulbs and Lamps For Caravans Motorhomes and The Home

LED Lighting, why install it in your caravan, motorhome or even in the home? Low power, cheap to run, they don't get hot, they contain no mercury and they turn on instantly how's that for starters. New designs are also producing more compact LED sources giving flexibility of use in confinded spaces such as caravans and motorhomes. They use much less power than conventional bulbs, savings can be made on the amount of electric used on metered supplies or by camping on sites without electric hook ups as they are less likely to drain the battery.

LED lighting has come a long way in recent years with advances in technology improving quality, reliability and efficency. More and more household and businesses are making the switch from traditional lights to LED as are caravan and motorhome manufacturers. It is now time to consider LED lighting for your camping and caravanning needs, If you have not already made the switch.

As LED lights use their energy on producing light, rather than generating heat. This makes them a far safer choice than traditional bulbs. Consider the small space of a caravan and the material surrounding the light fitting. Because they produce such little heat, LED lighting is far more energy efficient and kind to your pocket!! LED lights last on average 15 times longer than traditional light bulbs. Once in place, these bulbs will last for many years to come, so you will be spared the expense of replacing them as you prepare for your holiday each year.

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LEDHut are the UKs number 1 online LED lighting retailer, selling in excess of 40,000 bulbs per week. They offer a great range of low voltage LED light bulbs, perfect for camping uses. Your existing fittings are likely to use either MR16 bulbs, MR11 bulbs or G4 bulbs. These low 12 volts bulbs are available from LEDHut, and it is possible to make a straight swap with your existing bulbs easy, job done! All bulbs supplied by LEDHut are backed by their 5-year warranty and they have a 14-day money back guarantee. There is really nothing to lose.

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Great Selection Available

There are a great selection of 12 volt LED lights available for possible use in caravans and motorhomes, here we look at just a few of them.







We Like This!

A Portable & Rechargeable 10 Watt LED Flood Light

Now how handy would that be on site, at home in the garden or just as a handy portable light

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MR16 LED Bulb

3 Watt MR16 LED Bulb - Directional Beam Angle

MR16 LED Bulb

The MR16 is a large bulb compared to the MR11 and can produce a much brighter spread of light. This size bulb can often be found in houses and offices powered by 240volt / 12volt transformers and used to provide ceiling down lights. May be found in caravan and motorhomes where a brighter and bigger light is required.

MR11 LED Bulb

2 Watt MR11 LED Bulb

MR11 LED Bulb

This size bulb makes a good replacement for halogen MR11 bulbs used in many caravan and motorhome mini spot lights. They come in a choice wattage luminosity and light colour.

Warm white gives off a nice light for caravans and motorhomes.

G4 LED Disc Bulb

1.8 Watt - G4 LED Bulb

G4 LED Bulb

A slim fitting bulb available in a choice of wattage luminosity and light colour. Used in some slim light fittings in caravans or motorhomes

G4 LED Bulb
1.5 Watt - G4 CREE LED Bulb
G4 LED Bulb

An alternative (to the disc shape above) G4 fitting LED bulb that can replace conventional G4 bulbs found in some caravan and motorhome fittings

LED Strip
LED Strip - Gel Waterproof - 60 Large High Power LED Chips Per Metre (2.5 Metre Roll)
LED Strip

Strips of 60 or120 waterproof LED's that can be used as display or feature lighting available in a choice of colours

Here are some useful LED lighting facts that you always wanted to know, but were afraid to ask....

GU10 LED bulbs are a direct replacement for halogen bulbs. As many consumers have existing halogen bulbs at home in their kitchen, bathroom and other rooms in the house switching to LED GU10 bulbs is very easy. Just plug and play, no electrician required!

MR16, MR11 and G4 LED bulbs may also be a direct replacement for more power hungry bulbs currently fitted to your caravan or motorhome. The main advantage here being the reduced power consumption when running on battery.  

LED bulbs are eco-friendly and in addition the light given off an LED bulb is accurate and directional, so there is no wasted light in the form of light pollution. LED lighting technology has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years. Dimmable options, warm white and cool white, as well as colour changing LED's all help create ambient lighting for the home and the caravan

Have you made the switch yet?


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