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Micro Caravans And Innovative Caravans

Here we take a look at micro units bigger than the average Teardrop Trailer with Tab, Freedom and Going having units that fit this category. Unlike the teardrop trailer you get standing room in these units so they are more like a small compact caravan than a trailer


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Go Pods

Go-Pods Micro Tourer Caravans - Compact & Fun! Perfect blend of camping & caravanning, easy to tow with even a small vehicle and effortless to manoeuvre when unhitched. Go-Pods store in places that larger caravans wouldn't fit. Go-Pods are made from a single moulded GRP shell, making the risk of leaks pretty minimal with no seams to worry about. Suprisingly spacious, Go-Pods conveniently offer everything to hand and you don't have to brave the elements to make that first morning coffee. Go-Pods are also known as the Going II Cockpit S caravan.
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Going Cockpit

The Going Cockpit Caravan  kitchen, gas hob mains and 12 volt electric, double bed and dining table available in the UK at Red Lion Caravans. Red Lion Caravans have been importing the Goings brand of caravan since 2005. The earlier version of the caravan can be identified by the two windows in the front whilst the most recent version has the single larger window
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Well if fits the bill as a micro caravan and a good looking one at that. Easy to tow so appealing to the small car owner and does not take up much storage space so in many cases owners will be able to keep it at home and avoid storage costs. The door to the cock pit is not positioned as in most traditional caravans on the side but is at the rear of the unit so again a big advantage if you are storing at home against the house as the  door wont open onto the house.  Another special feature not found on your average touring caravan is the way the full internal height of the unit is achieved by elevating the roof section


Inside you get a twin burner hob, sink, cooler box,  toilet, seating that converts to a double bed and a  well laid out van considering its size

Danbury Teardrop Caravan

Stunning looks, a delightful, hand crafted, retro-styled caravan. What more could you ask for in a teardrop caravan? No trailer license required, fully insulated interior and optional cooking facilities. You can tow this even with the small car and there is an option of leather interior if you want to glamp it up. They also offer a 3 year body warranty.
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T@B Caravans

Tab Caravans, modern, great designs and eye catching looks. Many models to choose from with options to personalise your caravan. T@B caravans have a  unique seamless aluminium insulated shell construction with high quality external and internal fittings. The T@B is a lightweight, easily manoeuvrable unit with outstanding aerodynamic stability.
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Freedom Caravans

A long standing maker of small caravans Freedom, claim a life expectancy of around 25 years from these vans and that's a real bargain when you look how reasonably priced they are. The Freedom Microlite Discovery LE with fully weather-proof pop up section and stylish interior
and exterior, an amasingly compact caravan for the money.
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The Sealander
A small caravan with a difference, its also a boat a caravan boat or is that a caraboat.
An innovative mobile home with amphibian characteristics, whether over land or water Sealander gives you the chance to make the most of your leisure time. Your trip out can be as individual and as flexible as you like. Just let the Sealander into the water and enjoy new possibilities, a round trip, exploring an island, swimming, fishing, or being cradled to sleep by waves. With the Sealander you have a boat and a caravan in one unit.. You can find out more about the Sealander the caravan thats a boat here


Tab Caravan
Tab Caravans, a very modern looking range of caravans, great designs and eye catching looks. Many models to choose from with loads of options to personalise your caravan  Tab Caravans

A well built caravan with full standing room, comes as a basic spec with several options to increase your required specification. A very eye catching caravan with a modern look that is bound turn heads on site


Freedom Caravans

Freedom Caravans

A long standing maker of small caravans is Freedom. They claim a life expectancy of around 25 years from these vans and that's a real bargain when you look how reasonable priced they are. Check Out Freedom Caravans





Freedom Caravans
Freedom Caravans
Very Popular Small Caravans


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