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On Site Games
Games to play on Site

 Keep the kids happy with some on site games, have a change from the computer games the PS3 and Xbox and try some traditional games to play in the great outdoors on site


Ghost In the Graveyard

This game is best played outside when it's dark.
First, one person is chosen to be Ghost, and a certain place or item chosen to be your base. The base can be the swings, for example. Then the Ghost goes and hides somewhere while the other members count to 50
When they have got to 50, everyone goes out hunting for the Ghost. When someone finds the Ghost they shout out "Ghost in the graveyard!" and everyone tries to run back the base without being caught by the Ghost. If someone is touched by the Ghost they become the new Ghost. If nobody is caught then the ghost goes and hides again.
Great fun at Halloween parties, especially when girls are wearing heels!

Mad Ball

This should be played in a grassy area outside.
Find as many balls as you can - the more the better. Any ball will do. Map out a rough "pitch" using anything you want for 4 corner flags. At the half way line, place the balls in a line across the pitch.
Now get your people into two teams and ask them to line up at each end of the pitch.
On the whistle or word go, everybody must rush to the balls and do everything they can to get as many balls as possible back to their end of the pitch. Once the ball is touched down at their end, it goes out of play. When you get a ball back you can go back for more.
When all the balls are out of play, the whistle is blown, and the winning team is the one with most balls.
There are very few rules. You can only handle one ball at a time. You can get the ball back by passing, kicking, wrestling etc. Have a few referees to make sure nobody does anything stupid.
Play as many rounds as you dare. This game is exhausting!

Baby In The Air

Get at least 5 water filled balloons.
Everyone stands in a circle. One person gives everyone a different number including him/herself. That same person goes in the middle of the circle and throws the water balloon high in the air and at the same time yells out:
"Baby in the air, I call number..." and a number.
Whoever is that number tries to catch the balloon.
If the balloon pops or the person doesn't catch it, then that person has to pick up a full balloon, throw it up in the air and yell the same thing. They then go out.
If the person does catch, then they stay in, and throw the balloon, and shout the next number.
The winner is the last person left in.


This is a good game for everyone. It can be played by parents at a kids event, or at a beach party, whatever.
You divide the group into two or more teams of about 6 people each. It is more fun if you have guy, girl, guy, girl.
Give one apple or orange to the leader of each team. On the word "go" the leader must stick the apple under his chin and, without using hands, place it under the chin of the next player in line.
The winners are the first team to go down the line.
If the apple gets dropped it must start from the front of the line again.
It's hilarious to watch!!!

Spud Knockers

Split up into teams of 4 or 5.
Take two potatoes and put them in one leg of a pair of nylons (pantyhose). Take the other leg and tie it around the waist of a player, so that the leg with potatoes hangs towards the ground.
You then place another potato on the floor in front of the first player. Then, only using your hips, you have to swing the potatoes between your legs to hit the potato on the floor. The objective is to get this potato to a certain place and then come back and hand over to the next player.
The winning team is the first with every player back.
Best played outside, not for carpets. You can also use oranges, apples etc.

Poop The Potato

Form two teams, with a potato for each player.
Put a bucket or small trash can at the goal line. Each person places their potato between their thighs. The object is for each team member to hobble down to their bucket and drop the potato into it. They may not use their hands except to reposition the potato between their legs if it should fall too soon.
The first team to "poop" all their potatoes in their bucket wins.
You can also play this game with fruit.

Hula Hoop

This is a nice game for couple or pairs.
Get a big hula hoop. Now get the people together with their partners to stand in a circle.
The partners stand just in front facing each other. Put on the music and the hoop must be passed around. Before a pair passes the hoop on they have to go through the hoop together from head to toe. If the music stops the pair inside the hoop is out.
The last couple standing wins.


This is a great game for energising a team, a workshop, or party.
You'll need a strip of paper for every player - get a newspaper or flip chart, and tear off pieces about a foot long and 2 or 3 inches wide. Appoint a timekeeper.
Ask your players to form two teams. Give everyone a strip of paper each, which they must hold in one hand, in a clenched fist with the paper hanging down. The objective is to grab as many pieces of paper as possible from the opposing team.
Tell the teams to get into a huddle and work out a strategy, for a minute. Then kick the game off. They get 5 minutes to go mad, dash around and grab as many strips as they can.
If your strip of paper is taken, you are "out". Officially this is when no more than a fistful of paper is hanging below where you're holding it - but it's not too important. If you are "out" you must stop playing and sit down.
You may not hide the strip of paper by holding it behind your back.
The winners are the team with the most strips of paper at the end.

British Bulldog

You need to play this outside, with a good length playing area that has two distinct ends. The ends must be marked out with a line, or a wall, or just two objects on the ground.
One person is the bulldog and stands in the middle of the play area. All the remaining players gather at one end of the area. When the bulldog shouts "Go", everyone must run to the other end without being tagged by the bulldog. If you are tagged you become an extra bulldog and help in the next go. If you reach the other end you cannot be tagged.
The bulldog then shouts "Go" again and everyone dashes back to the other end.
Repeat this process until one player is left as the winner.

Balloon Over Under Relay

Split the party goers into two teams. Line the two teams up.
The person at the front of each line is then given a balloon. When you shout "Go" the balloon is then passed through the first persons legs to the person behind. The second person then passes the balloon over their head to the third person. The game continues as every player passes under-over-under-over-under-over-under etc.
When the balloon gets to the back of the line then the last person must run to the front of the line with the balloon and the game starts again.
The game ends when all the team players have been to the front of the line and the original first player has returned to his place at the front of the line. The winning team is the team to complete this the fastest.

Water Burst

The object of this games is try not to burst the balloon.
You need 1 water balloon for each pair of players. Each person takes a partner and stands face to face. Start 2ft away from each other.
The 2 players throw the balloon to their partner and try to catch the balloon. If you don't or the balloon bursts, you and your partner sit down. If you catch it, 1 person takes a step back.
The last pair standing wins.

Turtle Relay

This game is best played on a beach , but can work well in the back garden too.
Be prepared with about 2 dozen eggs and a couple of large glasses. Mark out a start line and a finish line about 10 feet away. Now get your people onto two teams and stand them in two lines behind the start line. Give everyone an egg.
The first person from each team must get down on hands and knees on the start line. The objective is to roll the egg to the finish line using any part of the head only. No hands allowed. Once you get to the finish line you must roll the egg into the glass which is placed on the ground on it's side. A helper can collect each of the eggs from the glasses as they are rolled in.
If your egg breaks you get given a fresh egg to continue with. The winning side is the fastest to get all their eggs into the glasses.
Just like turtles on a beach. Great entertainment for you and the public!

Never Ever Have I Ever

This is a fun game where you find out more about people than you might have wanted to know.
It can be played inside or out, but you will need a big space. It's set up like a game of musical chairs. Everyone has a chair except one person who will be the starter. The starter stands in the middle, and the others sit down in a circle around the starter.
The starter now says "Never ever have I ever.." and then says something they have never done (e.g. shoplifted, had a one night stand, been locked in a police station etc.)
Anyone sitting down who HAS done that thing must stand up and switch chairs. The person in the middle can grab a chair at this point. The last person standing is the next person to say "Never ever have I ever.." and repeats the game.
This game can become very embarrassing for some people, but it's a lot of fun!


Blow up two long sausage balloons, and divide your party into two teams. If you have a lot of people use more teams, minimum 4 per team.
Line the teams up in neat rows. Give a balloon to the leader of each row, who must place it between his or her knees, pointing forwards.
On the word go, the teams must pass the balloon down their row, from person to person, between their knees, as quickly as possible. The balloon may not be dropped, or burst and you may not use hands. If the balloon is dropped it must be picked up between the knees. A burst balloon is replaced by a new one at the front of the row. The losing team have to take a forfeit
This game is a lot harder than it sounds, especially if you mix tall and short people.







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