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Caravan Cleaners And Caravan Valeting Products
For Cleaning Polishing Waxing And Valeting
Your Caravan Or Motorhome

There are many caravan cleaners and caravan cleaning products available to help clean, valet and restore your caravan or motorhome.  You may want to start by washing the unit using a shampoo or wash and wax type product, depending on how dirty the unit is this can be followed by a more detailed cleaning using one of the many brands of caravan cleaner available. Finish off by polishing and waxing to preserve that long lasting shine. There are many products to choose from, from simple to use wash on wash off products to hand applied and worked polishes and waxes, the choice is yours. Such brand names as Fenwick's, Autoglym, Care-avan, Care-avan, Silky, Blue Diamond, Farécla, Power Maxed, Muc Off, Muk Junkie, Silky and  others spring to mind when looking for caravan cleaning and valeting products.

One name that seems to have been around for many years is Fenwick's with a range of products designed to clean and shine your caravan and motorhome. Autoglym now offer one of the most extensive ranges of caravan and car cleaning and valeting products available in the UK. We take a closer look at their products here on 365 Camping Caravanning.

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Autoglym – Caravan Products

Autoglym knows a lot about cleaning vehicles. It all started with Super Resin Polish developed for the motor trade back in 1965. Now there are over 100 products and accessories specially developed for cars, motorbikes, boats, buses, trucks, trains, coaches and caravans. Autoglym cleaning chemicals are manufactured and packaged in the UK at the company’s headquarters in Letchworth, Hertfordshire.

In this article we will discuss the products from the Autoglym range that can be used to clean, protect and maintain your caravan, often the second or third most expensive purchase you will make. With a little investment in a few high quality products you can ensure that your caravan or motor home will remain in an excellent condition and hold a good resale value should you decide to treat yourself to a new vehicle. Autoglym products are simple to use and will make subsequent cleaning easier. For more details and the full product range visit the Autoglym's Website

Autoglym Caravan & Motorhome Cleaner is a concentrated, multi-purpose cleaning solution designed for quick and economical year-round maintenance of leisure vehicles. Use on external and internal surfaces to provides heavy duty cleaning power wherever it is needed.  This cleaner is highly effective in removing winter algae and stubborn black coachwork streaks. 

Use on paintwork, plastics, metals, rubber, acrylics, fibreglass, wheels, windows, body trim, work surfaces, synthetic fabrics, carpets, hobs, washable wall coverings and similar surfaces.

Autoglym Super Resin Polish can be used to polish the GRP and painted aluminium panels on your caravan or motorhome to restore faded paintwork and returning your caravan to an ‘as new’ condition.

Periodic polishing gently removes harmful surface contaminants and imparts a tough, glossy, protective barrier to preserve expensive surfaces from harsh environmental factors. 

Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection is an excellent follow up to Super Resin Polish. Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection is an extra tough, protective sealant that contains a complex blend of hard resins and waxes. Treated surfaces are protected with a super-tough finish to keep paintwork looking brilliant for longer.

Unlike a polish, it contains no cleaning or polishing agents and should only be used on clean, dry, blemish-free paintwork.  The product has several months of durability and will make future cleaning easier as dirt is more readily removed from a waxed surface.

Autoglym High Definition Wax is an alternative to Extra Gloss Protection for those owners wishing to achieve a concours winning shine. High Definition Wax imparts a lustre and depth of shine normally only found on the most expensive hand built cars. 

High Definition Wax contains a carefully balanced complex blend of durable polymers, Carnauba and microcrystalline waxes, combined with selected solid saturated hydrocarbons and oils. Surfaces treated with High Definition Wax display very high gloss combined with exceptional resistance to environmental contaminants e.g. salt, detergents, UV light, acid rain, industrial fallout, etc. The product is completely free of abrasives, water and emulsifiers.

Autoglym Aqua Wax is a fantastic top up wax and ideal for people who want to wax their caravan or motorhome in a hurry without having to dry it off first. Designed to be applied vehicles still wet from washing, Aqua Wax is specially formulated to impart a brilliant smear-free finish on all exterior surfaces.

The immediate benefit is that there is no need to dry the car between washing and waxing.  Aqua Wax is suitable for all paint types, as well as rubber, plastic and glass. Simply lightly spray on, mix the rinse water and product on the surfaces with one of the supplied microfibre cloths and then buff to a shine with the second.

Autoglym Fast Glass is a spray-on cleaner for rapid window cleaning both inside and out to produce a crystal clear, smear free finish on glass, plastic and acrylic windows. 

Autoglym Fast Glass is free of abrasives, silicones and waxes and leaves no residue. As it contains no abrasives, it is especially recommended for use on acrylic and plastic windows commonly found in caravans and motorhomes where an abrasive cleaner will etch and haze the surface with frequent use. 

Autoglym Fabric Hood Cleaning Kit – Your canopies, tents or caravan awnings can be spoilt by allowing them to become grimy and water absorbent.  
Autoglym have developed an easy to use two-part maintenance kit to clean and preserve these fabrics. Fabric Hood Cleaner cleans, freshens and revives appearance by removing soiling, stains and atmospheric contamination from natural and synthetic fabrics. 
Fabric Hood Protector reproofs, protects and preserves the surface from the effects of water absorption and surface soiling. 

Autoglym Instant Tyre Dressing after you have cleaned, polished and waxed your bodywork and have crystal clear windows, don’t let stained, weathered tires spoil the look of an otherwise immaculate presentation. A quick spray with Autoglym Instant Tyre Dressing is all you need to achieve the transformation to new looking tyres that will enhance the appearance of your vehicle. 

The blend of durable polymers and protectants will completely revitalise your tyres, leaving a new look sheen. For an attractive sheen simply spray and leave to dry. If you prefer a more natural look, remove surplus spray with a cloth before drying occurs. 

Autoglym Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner should be used to maintain your now pristine exterior caravan or motorhome surfaces. This pH neutral shampoo will not strip away the wax protection you have carefully applied and leaves a glossy water-repellent barrier to protect and extend the effect of Autoglym polishes and waxes. Using washing up liquid or other stronger detergents will remove waxes and polishes meaning you will have to start all over again costing you time and money. If stubborn marks or black streaks build up again over time, return to Autoglym Caravan & Motorhome Cleaner.

Fenwicks – Caravan And Motorhome Cleaning

A leading well established brand of cleaning products for caravans and motorhomes. Here we take a look at Fenwicks cleaning products and other caravan related products from their range. The great benefits of Fenwick's products seems to be ease of use, minimum effort in application to achieve the end result and being economical in use. Take a look for yourself at just a few products from the range. For more details and the full product range visit the Fenwick's website

Caravan Cleaner is specifically formulated for the cleaning of caravans. It is not just another re-badged traffic film remover, like so many on the market.

Fenwick’s Caravan Cleaner attracts dirt a bit like a magnet, it then surrounds the dirt and stops it from sticking.

The Caravan Cleaner will clean up to 40, 18-foot caravans from a 1 litre bottle. It will remove black streaks, diesel fumes, and rust and drainage stains, algae, moss, fungus, road and traffic film. It is safe on all surfaces including acrylic windows, aluminium, rubber, fibreglass, decals, logos and mastics or sealants. 

Bobby Dazzler is a unique finish not just for caravans and motorhomes, but also for cars, lorries and vans. Bobby Dazzler is used in the rinse off water to provide a protective coat, that enhances the shine that is already there. Bobby Dazzler repels water very quickly, this helps dry the vehicle quickly, it also keeps it cleaner for longer and makes it easier to clean next time.

Bobby Dazzler is simply applied in the rinse off water. At 1 capful per 4 litres of water, it goes a very long way. Bobby Dazzler protects against road traffic film, salt spray, acid rain, rust, and airborne pollutants. It contains algae and mould inhibitor to slow their return. When the vehicle becomes dirty, it is easily washed as the dirt is stuck to the Bobby Dazzler and not the surface of the vehicle. When the vehicle is washed the Bobby Dazzler is washed off, so it does not build up and cause problems

Motorhome Cleaner has been developed due to the public asking for a specific cleaner for motorhomes. One might ask why Fenwick’s Caravan Cleaner could not be used? It actually has been used for many years to clean motorhomes, but there was room for improvement when it came to motorhomes.

The construction of motorhomes can vary quite a bit compared to caravans, there is often a lot more steelwork so corrosion inhibitors were introduced, and they are also larger so people tend to use power washers (so the activity was increased for power washer use).

Fenwick's windowize has been developed as a result of customers requests, for a simple but effective product to remove scratches from Acrylic / Plastic windows.

This handy 50ml tube provides enough product to tackle the windows on a caravan, motorhome or boat, a little goes along way.

When applied by hand, Windowize will remove scuff marks caused by trees as well as minor scratches caused by dirt, grit and manufacturing processes

Awning & Gazebo Reproofer is a highly effective waterproofing for canvas and synthetic fabrics such as, tents, awnings, gazebos and clothing. What makes Fenwick's Reproofer different is the fact that it is a water based product, so making it safer to use, handle and store. Simply spray onto area to be treated and allow to dry. A second coat may be required where the material has not been waterproofed before, or the material is very porous. Two applications will give superior protection on most fabrics. One bottle covers 15 to 30 sqr mtrs.
Awning & Gazebo Cleaner Suitable for colour fast canvas and synthetic materials Simply spray on and leave to soak for 30 seconds, rub with a sponge or cloth to remove the dirt. Rinse off with clean water. For stubborn marks it may be necessary to repeat the process.

Overwintering is formulated to protect caravans and motorhomes during winter storage. Its unique formula protects against algae, mould, fungus, airborne pollutants, acid rain and bird lime.

Overwintering is easily applied using a spray once the unit has been cleaned. 1 litre provides 50m2 of coverage. The Overwintering layer will not crack in frosty conditions, wash off with rain or snow, or melt in warm sunshine, but it is easily removed in springtime with a solution of Fenwick’s Caravan Cleaner or Motorhome Cleaner.

Black Streak Remover comes in a 500ml spray bottle and has been added to the Fenwick’s range, to try and change people’s attitude to cleaning their caravans and motorhomes. Black Streak Remover is a 10-1 solution of Fenwick’s Cleaner, so it introduces the customer to the cleaning products at a lower price point. Showing that the 1 litre bottles of our cleaners are exceptionally good value for money.

Some Other Branded Products You May Be Interested In

Shampoo and Polish Tested and Endorsed by Bailey Care-avan have a full range of products available

A non-abrasive creamy cleaner that been around for many years but still brings back that original shine to your caravan, motorhome, boat top sides and any smooth fiberglass or plastic panels.

Blue Diamond
Competitively priced products from Blue Diamond. They offer several products including a Ph Neutral and biodegradable caravan cleaner in an economical 2 litre container. Extremely effective against black streaks and traffic film.

Power Maxed
Power Maxed is a revolutionary new range of automotive products, they aim to be the best. The Power Maxed Caravan & Motorhome Cleaning Range is safe to use on plastics, aluminium, acrylic windows, ABS, fibreglass, decals, sealants to name a few. It will easily clean and remove black streaks, green algae, road traffic film, diesel fumes, over wintering grime and more.

Muc Off
Their all-over Caravan Cleaner quickly cuts through grime while protecting your caravan's finish! Simply spray on and wash off! It's biodegradable and alkaline based and won't harm any external part of your caravan. It's designed to remove black streaks, diesel fumes, algae, moss, rust, drainage stains, fungus and road and traffic film! Suitable for Caravans and Motorhomes

There are many more manufacturers of caravan and motorhome cleaners polishes and waxes. We are please to hear from any and all about their products. Please Contact Us and send details of your deep cleaning, general cleaning, detailing, polish, wax, applicators and general cleaning products, tools and equipment.

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