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Caravan Toilet Chemicals And Caravan Toilet Cleaners

We will take a look at what's on offer from various manufacturers of toilet chemicals and toilet and bathroom cleaners and leave you to choose what's the best for your caravan, motorhome or tent toilet. From chemicals to clean the toilet, chemicals to neutraliser, kill odours and germs to formaldehyde free and environmentally friendly chemicals that are accepted at all campsites. Remember not all chemicals are accepted on all site chemical disposal points. For your own caravan or motorhome or tent toilet you may also want to consider the type of toilet paper you use.

Toilet chemical can eliminate odours, lubricate moving parts in the toilet and help maintain the condition of the toilet unit so choose carefully.

Chemical toilets also come in various shapes and sizes from Porta Potties to to the most complex of fitted casette toilet with flush systems and level indicators.


Blue Bio Products
Blue Bio is a range of unique, new generation, bacteria based products. All three chemical products contain friendly, non-pathogenic bacteria that breakdown odours and waste, naturally. A range of three eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable products. Looking for a retailer to get your Blue Bio products? Try Here

Blue Bio Toilet Fluid

Blue Bio toilet fluid is a new generation, multi-purpose, blue toilet fluid for cassette waste tanks, flush tanks, septic tanks, grey water tanks and holding tanks. Blue Bio toilet fluid is suitable for use in caravans, motorhomes, motorcaravans, boats and other camping and portable toilets. Blue Bio is a very green toilet fluid, but is blue in colour.

Blue Bio Bathroom Cleaner

Blue Bio multi-purpose toilet bowl, shower & bathroom cleaner. One product to clean all over your bathroom, whether it's in the caravan, motorhome, boat or the home. Blue Bio bathroom cleaner will leave your bathroom fresh and clean.

Blue Bio Odour Eliminator

Blue Bio odour eliminator uses bacteria to consume the source of unpleasant smells. Blue Bio odour eliminator is suitable for use in caravans, motorhomes, motorcaravans, boats, cars and the home. It doesn't just mask the smell, it removes the source. Eliminating any bad odours!


Fenwicks Products
Fenwicks have a range of toilet chemicals from the one product does all Top And Tail to the ever popular Lilly The Pink and Blue John. Looking for a retailer to get your Fenwick's products online? Soapy Smiths have an online shop offering a full range of Fenwicks products at great prices

Fenwick's Top & Tail

A biodegradeable toilet fluid, that can be used in the top tank and the bottom tank. When the toilet is used the bottom tank is not being weakened as the flush water is added. Top & Tail has been designed to improve the function on non-mains toilets, by lubricating the rubber seals and shutter and coating the bowl with slip agents to keep it clean and fresh.
Top & Tail does not contain the highly toxic and carcinogenic formaldehyde, so it can be disposed of down the normal sewerage system, instead of a dedicated deposit.

Fenwick's Blu Jon

Blue toilet fluid for your bottom tank. Formaldehyde free with a fresh citrus fragrance. A fast action formula, utilising active ingredients that are 9 times more effective than formaldehyde. Kills germs and bacteria. Actively breaks down waste solids.

Fenwick's Lily The Pink Toilet Rinse

A perfumed toilet rinse for your top tank with a fresh citrus fragrance. Utilising the same active ingredients as Blu Jon to kill germs and bacteria. Contains slip and lubricity agents for lubricating the rubber seals, shutter and coating the bowl with slip agents to keep it clean and fresh. Stops algae growth in the flush tank and pipework (usually seen as little black bits).

Fenwick's Toilet Pre-Spray

Ideal for toilets that do not have a seperate toilet flush. Helps maintain a clean, fresh, germ and stain free toilet bowl. Contains natural slip agents and lubricants to help keep the toilet functioning perfectly. Toilet Pre-Spray can be used instead of the pink top tank additive. Simply spray around the bowl before use. To compliament fragrances, Top & Tail can be used in the bottom tank.




There are many more manufacturers of caravan and motorhome toilet cleaning products. We are please to hear from any and all about their products. Please Contact Us and send details of your products Here are just a few


Blue Diamond


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