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Review Of The Outwell Wolf Lake 7 For 365 Camping Caravanning

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Outwell Wolf Lake 7
(Sleeping Capacity 7 persons)

The Tent
The Outwell Wolf lake is from Outwell’s Classic range of tents is the largest of the polycotton range. A large tunnel tent comprising of a large living area with three side by side bedrooms, the universal three plus two bedroom’s divider can be zipped up to make a very large single bedroom ideal for those with a young family. The tent is supplied with a canopy to the front of the living area to provide an additional sheltered outside living area which can also be unzipped if required. Like the rest of the Classic line, the tent benefits from a Zip in Groundsheet (ZIG) to help eliminate unwanted guests and drafts. This tent would ideally suit a family that require a tent that provides large living quarters is reliable and most of all comfortable. The tent is made to a very high specification (see below) and is designed to ensure comfort and durability.

Flysheet: Outtex Airtech Polycotton
 Inner: Polycotton
3 Bedrooms
Zip in Groundsheet (ZIG)
Alloy poles

Three entrance’s with mesh inners
Multiple Ventilation points
Zip off Canopy
Repair kit
Colour: Green
Fire retardant

Pitch Footprint, Size And Weight
Width: 510 cm, Length: 640 cm, Height: 215 cm

Packed Size : Tent 37 cm x 95 cm Poles : 38 cm x 109 cm
Weight : Tent : 38.5 kg Poles : 29.0 kg

Erection / Pitching

This is a very large and heavy tent and although can be pitched by two people at some points a third pair of hands is of a great benefit. Being a tunnel tent the tent is fairly straight forward to erect this is also helped by all the aluminum poles being identical. Once the tent is out of the bag we found it easier to loosely peg the four corners first. Snap the poles together and starting from the back insert the poles into the sleeves, here you will find that extra pair of hands useful, as the poles for this tent are very long and high. Locate the pole on the ring and pin system that give generous adjustments on this model and secure the back of the tent with some of the pre attached guy ropes. Work your way forward inserting and securing the remainder of the poles then locate and secure the side poles. The final pole will be in the canopy and then guy the front of the tent out. You will then need to take the ZIG (Zip in Groundsheet) into the tent and secure with the Zip system of which there are three zips, so you will need to ensure that the ZIG is correctly laid out with the two zips located at the rear of the tent with the inner tent locating hoops on the inside. Once the ZIG is in place you can then close all the doors and peg out the tent using the pegging points and guy ropes. As mentioned this is a big tent and there is a large number of guy ropes that require pegging to ensure the tents stability. Finally the inner tents can be located in the tent.

Pros and Cons  
Pros Cons: 
Flysheet first pitching
Well ventilated
Zip off Canopy


The Cost
Expect to pay around £850 for this tent, there are multiple accessories available for this tent from Footprint groundsheet to carpet, side extension to even a child’s bedroom.

The Verdict
New for the 2008 this tent is the largest of the poly cotton range which provides a very large and airy tent. During our pitching of the tent a few observations were made which in the tents current format hinders pitching. The tent requires a side tension pole on either side, these are inserted into sewn in mesh on either side of the tent. This mesh is of the same size as the locking pins on the poles and in my view of an insufficient diameter, this ensures that the pins get trapped frequently in the mesh during fitting. These poles took a total of over an hour to get into place and under tension, which should only take minutes and hence made the total pitching time for the unit well over two and a half hours for three people. The ZIG has multiple zips and is easily mislaid during fitting; this could easily be cured by a singular zip being colour coded to ensure that correct alignment is ensured on the initial fitment. The tent would suit a family who require a large poly cotton tent offering a copious amount of space and the benefit of three side by side bedrooms. The tent due to its size has a large and heavy pack size so this would need to be considered to allow transportation to and from site. Due to the size of the tent it would be highly recommended that any campsite is notified prior to arrival as some sites could not accommodate this on there pitch’s.

Information and Links
For further information on Outwell and their products visit

 Reviewed by Rickit for 365 Camping Caravanning

 Reviewed 2008
Note We recommend with all tents that you see them fully erected and satisfy yourself that the product is right for you prior to making a purchase.

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