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Review Of The Abbey Aventura 319 For 365 Camping Caravanning


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Abbey Aventura 319 Caravan
(Sleeping Capacity  4 persons)

Inside view of Abbey Aventura  319 shows fixed bed and kitchen area to the right


Abbey Aventura 319 Overview


This is a 2007 Abbey Aventura 319, one of the last of the model made. A 4 berth caravan with fixed bed, integrated shower and Thetford cassette toilet (split by swing out shower screen), gas and electric hot water, Truma blown air heating system, full oven, grill with three gas and one electric burner hob, 3 way fridge 12v,  240v and gas. Windows are all fitted with fly screens, blinds and curtains, additional light can be brought in via the  heki roof light. Standard  status aerial and TV outlets are provide in two locations as are 240 and 12 volt outlets.


We bought this as a caravan that gave us our perfect layout, having the fixed bed and a good size bathroom. Most other units we had viewed had only one either the fixed bed with a compromised bathroom or the large bathroom and make up beds or to get both other models were much longer and unsuitable for our storage. The fixed bed runs across the caravan so does not add to much to the overall length of the unit, this does mean that you can only get in and out of the bed from one side but we don't find that to much of an issue and a good compromise to keep the overall length down. The bathroom accommodates both shower and toilet, with a clever swing out shower splash screen to prevent shower water going into the toilet area. The kitchen area is well equipped with good storage, work area and facilities. Full cooker, large fridge, 3 gas and 1 electric burner on the hob, no microwave but it works well for us. Seating area is roomy and makes up into a second double or is useable as two singles.


Loads of storage with massive under bed storage accessible from outside and by lifting the bed top, more storage under the seating area, plenty of overhead storage cupboard, shame about the slow self closing doors that only stay slow close for a few times between adjustments. Good front locker space and a wet locker is also provided.


Any problems, well our previous van was a Bailey Ranger and in 3 years I don't think we had a single problem. Not been the same with the Abbey, nothing major which makes if even more annoying as they are minor things that should have been corrected pre deliver or by a bit more thought in design. A bit of poor fitting trim, the slow close on the cupboard doors ( nice idea ) but they are forever going out of adjustment and quick closing. Not seen another caravan we would change for as yet but think everybody has there idea of what's right for them.


Pros and Cons




Transverse fixed bed

Good use of room in shower cassette toilet

Full Oven

Great Layout

Cupboards Close on there own

Water connection bad design and difficult to connect



The Cost

Not available new now as the model has now been replace, we bought one of the last produced (Jan 2007 registered). As with any second-hand unit price will depend much on condition for the year. Expect to pay from around 7,500 - 9,500 for a suitable second-hand unit and look out for the extras such as awnings and additional equipment that may be included in the deal


The Verdict


We like it fixed bed, not to big, adequate size bathroom, good seating area. It ticks all the boxes for us, its all about the layout we have tried many other caravans but this for the size meets our requirements


Information and Links

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Reviewed by Omega99 for 365 Camping Caravanning

Reviewed 2008



















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