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Review Of The Moncayo Silver 740

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Moncayo Silver 740 - Fiat
(Sleeping Capacity  3 persons)


Moncayo Silver

 Inside the Moncayo Silver


Moncayo Silver 740 Overview

Moncayo - it may not be a name you have noticed but this Spanish made motorhome is certainly worth a second look. They have been building them for 40 years and the UK sole distributor is Davans of Weston-Super-Mare. Before settling on the Moncayo, I had drooled over a Hymer but couldn’t justify the expenditure. Then I favoured a Rapido but £ for £, I considered the Moncayo Silver to be more appropriate and at a price I could realistically afford without breaking the bank! After all, it did win the silver cup for the best ‘budget’ motor home at the Stratford upon Avon Motorhome show which is where I saw it.


 The ’Silver’ is built on a Fiat 2.2 base and I have found that to be ample. It pulls up hills with ease and flies like a bird on motorways. Fortunately, one of the features of the cab’s computer is that you can set a speed limit buzzer and so no more speeding tickets for me, I hope. It is early days yet but the fuel consumption seems to be around 35mpg. I think. (Not worked everything out although the information is in there somewhere)

The driver and passenger seat are of the ‘captains’ type which means they will turn around and convert into comfortable armchairs when parked up. The living accommodation has a thoughtful layout making good use of space. On entering the side door, there is a unit with a 3 ring hob and a small sink. Each has a flat glass cover which allows you to use the top as a working surface too. Above there are cupboards and one houses a dinky oven/grill. Beneath there is a full-sized fridge working on gas or 12v or 240v. The water tanks are much larger than on our previous motorhome and very efficient. So much so that it is a good job both sinks have mixer taps as the water gets really hot. Blow air heating is available both when on the move and pitched on site.

Opposite the door, there is a 2 seater bench seat with seatbelts and a good-sized removable table. The seating slides down to make another bed that will be suitable to 2 children or one adult. Around all of the walls there are cupboards plus a wardrobe so food/clothes storage space isn’t a problem. Other smaller benefits are the slide-out bracket that allows us to have the TV in situ when travelling and an aerial that really works as it is multi-directional. Also a pull out Fiamma awning on the side and bike rack to the rear. (All extras but price negotiable) Now for the best bits. Firstly there is a separate full-sized shower room leading off the little bathroom (corner sink and fold away Thetford loo) Secondly, a full-sized fixed double bed that is oh so comfy. This was a ‘must’ on our list as I really got fed up of having to build our bed at night. Now we can crash out at any time, night or day. The bed is on a ‘rise and fall’ ratchet and this means when lifted, with one finger almost, it provides under storage space that can be reached from both inside and outside. A definite plus in a motor home of this size and when it is raining.

One of my greatest fears was that if I found a motor home with a fixed bed and separate shower room that I liked, it would be too big for our drive but in the ‘Silver 740’ they’ve achieved it. The dimensions are:-

3800 - wheelbase; 6840 - length; 2380 - width; 2780 - height; 2090-interior height.


Conversion by Moncayo on a Fiat 2.2 Hdi and named The Moncayo Silver 740.

A nice conversion, and a great price for a well equipped and stylish motorhome


Base Vehicle

Fiat 2.2 100bhp.   2.3 130bhp available as option

Comfortable Captain Style Seats


Pros and Cons



Fixed Bed

Plenty of storage.

Full kitchen facilities

Heating and hot water excellent.

Drives well

Seating for 4 traveling

You get a lot for your money

Good Fuel Economy

Radio not fitted as standard.

Otherwise no negatives as yet







The Cost
Expect to pay around £30,000 for this seasons model and there are also optional extras available such as the more powerfull 130bhp 2.3 engine.


The Verdict

Worth every penny. We have no regrets about making this purchase and climbing into bed without having to build it first has proved to be the icing on the cake. If you see me on site, why don’t you come and have a look for yourself.


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Moncayo have been building motorhomes for 40 years and the UK sole distributor is Davans of Weston-Super-Mare. This is a well established family firm offering an excellent personalised service and very easy to reach being just a few hundred yards off the M5 at junction 21


Reviewed by Bellasbus and The Cricketer for 365 Camping Caravanning

Reviewed 2008
















































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