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Review Of The Outwell Indian Lake Tipi For 365 Camping Caravanning


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Outwell Indian Lake Tipi
(Sleeping Capacity 6 persons)


Outwell Indian Lake Tepee



The Tent

The Outwell Indian Lake is a new tent in their Classic collection for the 2009 season and is a 6 Berth tent based on the classic Tipi style. Using Outwell’s well proven Outtex Airtech (Polycotton) for the flysheet and a polycotton inner, this tent will afford greater comfort levels in the majority of our seasonal climatic conditions. Being a Tipi headroom in the tent is no problem with the centre of the tent extending to nearly 3.5 metres in height and is supported by a single aluminum telescopic pole. The tent benefits from four large windows to the front of the tent and is entered via a single door, sleeping is provided in the form of two inner tents sleeping three in each. Either of the inners can be removed if required affording more living space within the tent or the inner tent divider can be removed allowing both inners to be joined into a single bedroom pod. The tent is made to a very high specification (see below) and is designed to ensure comfort and durability.

Flysheet: Outtex Airtech Polycotton

Inner: Polycotton

Groundsheet PVC Tarpaulin

Alloy Poles

Good Ventilation

Packs into two bags

Colour: Green

Pitch Footprint, Size And Weight

Width: 450 cm, Length: 580 cm, Height: 320 cm
Packed Size : Tent 25 cm x 87 cm, Poles 20 cm x 87 cm
Weight : Tent 21.4 kg , Poles 14.2 kg

Erection / Pitching

Pitching of this tent is different from any other tent we have pitched over the years. First off remove the poles and ZIG from the bag and unroll the ZIG and locate in the position you require the tent to be pitched in, a point to note is that the colored zip tags are the rear of the tent. Remove the flysheet from its separate bag and unroll, another point to remember is to look at the way its folded as this will help when you need to put the tent back in the bag. Next is to locate the flysheet over the ZIG you have on the ground making sure that the zip ends line up and make sure the straps attached to the flysheet are threaded under the ZIG. No proceed to zip the flysheet to the ZIG all the way round, once this is completed peg the ZIG out ensuring that the ZIG is nice and flat.

Locate the cowl that fits on top of the Tipi and thread the alloy pole through the sleeve and secure the remainder with the Velcro running around the remainder of the cowl. The main alloy pole that holds the tent up is telescopic, remove both end caps and you will find that the pole pieces fall out of each other. Place one of the end caps over the largest alloy tube the opposite end from the two grooves, locate the next biggest section in the end with grooves ensuring that the newly located sections grooves are furthest away from the previous pieces grooves. Repeat this until all the sections are in place and then slide the bedroom pod hanger in place over the top of the completed pole, this will slide down and rest on one of the pole sections.

At the top of the tent you will find a zip panel in the mesh, unzip this and locate the newly constructed centre pole into the tent. Once the pole has been located in position, close the zip and hold the pole in place whilst the other person enters the tent and supports the pole. Locate the cowl on top of the mesh by means of the Velcro pads and then lift the main pole into place, a point to mention here is if you are not very tall it can be quite difficult to grab the elastics of the cowl once the tent is up, therefore you may find it easier to locate these prior to the main pole being put up. Now the main pole is up, locate the porch poles and insert the roof pole into its sleeve and fit the porch poles into the roofbar and locate onto the ring and pin. All that is now left is to peg out the flysheets pegging points and the guy ropes the complete.

The bedroom pod is then secured using the traditional bedroom straps and hangers, then finally the two hanging pockets are secured via internal hangers under both the windows in the living area. Although this does sound complicated it is actually a very easy to erect tent but the key is we found is to get the ZIG out evenly tensioned on all pegging points.

Pros and Cons




  • Easy to erect

  • Quite spacious

  • Well ventilated

  • Stable

  • Unique



The Cost

Around £650 for this new model and there is also a footprint and carpet available.

The Verdict

The Indian Lake is new for the 2009 season and is a radical departure for Outwell from the more traditional style of tent. The tent benefits from Outwell’s Airtech Polycotton flysheet which affords greater comfort levels in adverse weather conditions. Having just spent eleven nights with the tent we can say this is a great weekend tent for those who want something a little bit different but would be an expensive investment for a weekend tent. We found the tents unique shape reduces the living area and with a couple of chairs, bags an small table was a little cramped for the two of us, not sure how a family would cope with this if confined during a wet spell, other than maybe not using the inner bedroom pods to extend the living space. We also found the tent very drafty in even light wind conditions on investigation the ventilation panels above each of the main living room windows are unable to be closed. After providing a temporary fix using self adhesive Velcro these drafts were cut down considerably. We still have not formed an opinion on the tent at this tent but maybe taking it out for a shorter stay to see if it suits this purpose better.

Information and Links
For further information on Outwell and their products visit

Reviewed by Rickit (04/2009)






























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