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Review Follow Up - Around the South West in 60 days

 An Adventure With Outwell's Trout Lake


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Outwell Trout Lake

(Sleeping Capacity 4 persons)


Outwell Trout Lake Review


Around the South West in 60 days: A adventure with the Trout Lake

Here we all sit surfing in the comfort of our own home with summer 2009 and camping just a dream away, when we thought we would put pen to paper and let fellow 365 forum members of our experiences with the Outwell Trout Lake. As regular members will be aware at the start of the 2008 season we took delivery of a new Outwell Trout Lake and submitted an initial review of the tent to 365. Check Out the Review Here


We have been fortunate enough to enjoy Sixty days camping in the 2008 season of which fifty of these were spent camping in the Trout Lake. The tent and extension are currently stored indoors under the bed as being a cotton base, these could deteriorate if left in damp conditions over the winter season. The tent has been subjected to most conditions possible in the UK over the past season and has performed outstandingly. The tent was initially purchased for longer stays but the ease of putting the tent up made the tent our mainstay for the 2008 season. Indeed the tent can be pitched and ready in around thirty to forty minuteís making it a pretty quick and simple to erect tent, so therefore was used for weekends as well as for longer stays.


Outwel Trout Lake With Extension Canopy

The Outwell Trout Lake With The Addition Of The Extension - More Living Room


We started the years camping with a few weekends so as to get familiar with the pitching, packing and living with the tent. As previously mentioned the tent with practice is a very easy pitching tent and could be pitched by a competent person on there own, being a three pole tunnel tent the pitching is very straight forward and after many different tests we found the best and simplest being that of our original review. The living accommodation of tent is great for a couple but maybe a little cramp for a family unless as we did you add an extension, You can easily fit a Jamaica cupboard in the main living area and a Double Height Queen-size airbed in the sleeping area if the sleeping pod zip is undone.


During our initial weekends the tent was submitted to all the weather extremeís, wet, windy and warm, typical  camping weather. During the wet weather we didnít experience any issues with leaks and we found the extra weight of the cotton made the tent not behave like a kite when striking camp in gale force winds and also an aid when taking the tent down. This extra weight of the outer also cuts down noise during windy conditions in comparison to a tent made from a synthetic material. In cooler evenings a Black Cat Heater was found adequate to heat the tent and the material also held the heat. In the morning the tent was free from the dreaded condensation. In warmer climates the material breaths and so affords a nice cooler climate inside the tent.


Relaxing Times In This Great Tent - Outwell's Trout Lake


After becoming familiar with the tent we ventured out for longer breaks further afield. The tent again performed remarkably and during a wet and windy visit to Cornwall, fellow campers we meet were so impressed with the tent that they have since purchased one on their return home. We found the extension is a must as this allows additional room for your table and chairs whilst also affording protection in most weathers as well as giving a well ventilated area to cook in.


During the season to ensure we did get a true test from the Trout Lake we had a ten night stay in our trusted Montana 6, unfortunately we both wanted to go back to the Trout Lake within a night or two, personally finding the Trout Lake a better tent in all the conditions. The Trout Lake on several occasions has had to be packed up wet due to the UK's great summerís and has had to dry out several times on our return home. We have dried the tent out in the garden erected, draped over the washing line and on our last return was so wet we dried it our over our trailer and despite this there is no sign of any shrinkage of the tent outer unlike that you could expect with the old canvas tents.


With all the use of the tent this season the tents quality has been very impressive with no faults or niggles to report and indeed the tent looks as good as the day we collected it back at the beginning of the season. Not saying these tents are bomb proof but we can tell you of retailers that still have this tent and others from the Classic range out in their tent displays nearly ten months from when they were first pitched and still looking as good as new which goes to show the quality of the polycotton mix and durability of the design.

I purchased my tent from The Tent Factory, great service and keen prices.


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Reviewed by Rickit

Note We recommend with all tents that you see them fully erected and satisfy yourself that the product is right for you prior to making a purchase.

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