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Review Of Quechua 2 Seconds II Tent For 365 Camping Caravanning

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Quechua 2 Seconds II Tent
(Sleeping Capacity 2 persons)

Quechua Pop Up Tent

The Tent

Our first Quechua tent was in red and used 'everywhere', mostly as a pup tent for the kids when caravanning, but also for me when off-roading and wild camping. Stood up to lots of weather and general abuse, pitched and packed away with a scant brush over if it's lucky, when wet we just folded it up and re-pitched it at home to dry! The inner tent clips to the outer and is removable if you're pedantic about cleaning it, or if the outer gets soiled by tree or bird droppings! but generally stays clipped together. I doubt the tent would work unclipped as the inner provides a lot of the stability to the tent, the poles being a single circle, twisted to form a double figure eight almost, very clever design.

This is our old one, wild camping We usually used it as a pup tent for the kids


The only reason we bought a new one was the outer zip went. Hardly a manufacturing fault in my opinion. The newer one, available now, uses thinner poles so is a tad lighter than previous, has a squarer footprint and slightly larger space inside. It just takes a double airbed, but two narrow singles are better. Despite the size, and especially when alone, there's still plenty room for bags rucksacks etc, there's a couple of handy pockets sewn in, a light / lantern hanging point, enough vents and a door fly screen to keep the tent warm or cool as necessary.


In bad weather it's extremely stable, we mostly only use four tent pegs to pin it down, occasionally eight, and we've never needed guy lines, it's that stable. High winds are just shrugged off, whichever way it's facing which to me is a sign of good design. In good weather I reckon it'd get by without any pegs, other than the front and rear 'poles' pop up slightly so get in the way of getting in and out, so two pegs would be enough.

An acquaintance used one as a roof tent


Reservations on it are similar to any tent these days, it seems, the sloping doorway lets water in if it's raining, when you're getting in and out. That's it!

The Verdict
Overall I'm well impressed with this Quechua tent. Many people see a 30 tent as a festival tent these days, but these are such good quality, still to give the new one some real hammer yet, that they have so many other potential uses. I can't see us ever being without one, even though we also have two other tents to choose from!

The Cost

Currently at Decathlon for 29.99 and that's a bargain for such a well put together tent!


Information and Links

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For further information on Quechua and their products visit Quechua


Reviewed by Fantic for 365 Camping Caravanning

Reviewed 2010
Note We recommend with all tents that you see them fully erected and satisfy yourself that the product is right for you prior to making a purchase.



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