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Solar Power - Solar Panels Controllers & Green Energy For Caravans, Motorhomes Tents and Home

Looking for a 12 volt solar power system for your caravan, motorhome, tent or even a backup to the home electrical system. For a 12 volt solar system the main 3 ingredients are the solar panel, a controller to manage the rate of charge and a battery to store the energy the solar panel provides. There are many versions and power ratings of these 3 items available on the market.


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100 watt Solar Panels are available on eBay generally from less than 100 rigid solar panel with flexible and semi flexible panels costing a bit more. Shop around also for solar controllers, cables and fittings.



Typical 100 Watt Solar Panel

Solar Panels

The Solar Panel, available as a rigid or flexible panel in various power ratings. Generally the larger the panel the greater the output. Here on the left a large 100 watt panel that could be mounted on a floor stand on on a large roof area. Below a smaller panel rated at around 40 watt

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Factors in considering the panel for you:-
How much power do you want the panel to provide and what limitations have you got on size. It's always good practice to measure the power you are currently using and consider ways of reducing that first, by more efficient lighting (such as LED) and devices, thus lowering the power requirements from your solar panels and as such the initial purchase cost and size required

Solar Panel Charger Controller Regulator a simple 10 Amp version
Solar Panel Charger Controller Regulator

These are required to stop the battery overcharging and like the solar panels come in various shapes and sizes and power ratings. The basic rule being you need one with a power rating that is capable of handling the maximum output of the panel. Most unit provide connections for the solar panel the battery and an output for the load. Most also provide a simple monitoring indication of batter charge state.

Caravan Leisure Battery
A Battery

The battery provides the means of storage for the power provided from the solar panel, the bigger the batter capacity the more power can be stored and just like the solar panel and the solar charge controller the bigger the capacity the higher the cost

Here we list some of the suppliers in England, Scotland , Wales and a few outside the UK that provide mail order facilities who may be able to help you.


Solar Power And Wind Power

"Solar Panels and wind generators are increasingly being used by campers and caravanners as a means of charging leisure batteries to provide an alternative to campsite power supplies"

Sunshine Solar Limited
Unit 29, Ashwellthorpe Industrial Estate Ashwellthorpe  Norwich  Norfolk  NR16 1ER
Website Sunshine Solar
Tel : 01508 488188


Leisure Batteries For Caravans Motorhomes And Boats

"You can travel to your local dealer to get a new leisure battery but did you know you can get them delivered from online stores. Here we have our directory of leisure batter providers. So if you need a new battery, caravan batteries, motorhome batteries or batteries for your boat check these out.

Tayna Batteries
Unit 1 Ty Mawr
Water Street Abergele LL22 7SL
Website Tayna Batteries
Tel: 01745 823399

Battery Megastore
5 Kennet Close Tewkesbury Business Park
Tewkesbury Gloucestershire GL20 8HF
Website Battery Megastore
Tel: 01684 298800

PureDrive Batteries Ltd
Unit 6 Gamma Orchard Trading Estate
Toddington Gloucestershire GL54 5EB
Leisure Batteries for Caravans and Motorhomes
Deep-cycle leisure b
atteries ideal for powering electrical equipment in caravans, motor homes and RV's
Tel: 01242 621548


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