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Rally Clubs

Owners Clubs

Special Interest
Owners Clubs

Clubs for owners of a particular make or model of caravan, motorhome or camper. We do not include clubs that are open to all caravan or all motorhome owners they can be found in our Unit Type Clubs. Clubs here are often the best way of finding more detail on the make and model you are looking for so can be of great value when problems occur or can help you find problems before they occur.

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Car Clubs

Unit Type Clubs

Special Groups

Here you will find clubs that specialise in a make or model or caravan motorhome or camper. These clubs can often offer great support for owner in knowledge of the unit, problems and fixes. Most also offer rallies and meets for members.

A - B

Abbey Caravan Club
The Abbey Caravan Club is open to all makes of caravan or motorhome and holds rallies across the UK. The Abbey Caravan Club, The Friendly Club

ABI and Friends Caravan Club
A rallying club for all makes of Caravans and Motor Homes The ABI & Friends Caravan Club runs rallies in the UK abroad

Club Adria
Club Adria is a club for owners of Adria Motorhomes and Caravans. We offer the opportunity to rally with other Club Members, share information and stories in our bi-monthly newsletters.

Auto Trail Owners Club
For owners of Auto Trail Motorhomes, The Auto Trail Owners Club provides Information, Rallies, News and useful Links for Auto Trial Owners

Auto-Sleeper Owners Club
Open to owners of Auto Sleeper motorhomes the club is reported to be the largest single-make motorhome club. Rallies, meetings, social functions, and information

Bailey Owners Club
For owners of Bailey caravans & Motor Homes the Bailey Owners Club has been around for over 40 years and has in excess of 600 members. The club holds rallies in the UK and abroad. Membership applications can now be accepted directly on the website.

Bambi Owners Club
For owner of the Bambi Motorhome made by Autohomes, the Bambi Owners Club keeps you up to date with information on the Bambi. Lots of Rallies for owners to get together.

Benimar Owners Club
For owners of Benimar motorhomes, the Benimar owners club provides a focal point for owners with its own forum and rallies

Bentley Motorhome Club
A great rally diary with some being held mid week as well as weekend rallies, so there should always be something that appeals to everyone.
Members are free to rally with the club as you choose with complete flexibility, you can join our organised events such as BBQs, coach trips and fund raisers or you might prefer to just chill out at your leisure, any way is ok, it’s your holiday

Bessacarr Owners Club
For owners of Bessacarr Caravans & Motorhomes. The Bessacar Owners Club runs rallies to allow its members to get together. A long standing club, around for over 40+ years

Bongo Fury
The club to be in if you own a Mazda Bongo. Good information and a members section to the website make it a must for Bongo owners

Buccaneer Owners Club
For owners of Buccaneer caravans & motorhomes. The Club runs a programme of rallies in the UK & abroad, arranges social functions and provides a forum for exchanging ideas

Burstner UK Owners Club
Formed by Bürstner owners for owners of Bürstner caravans and motorhomes. Providing an opportunity  to meet, socialise and make new friends at Bürstner  rallies and events.


C - D

Carlight Enthusiasts Club
The Carlight Enthusiasts Club, formed to encourage the owners of Carlight caravans to gather & enjoy caravanning. The club holds rallies from Easter until late Autumn.

Carlight Owners Club
The Carlight Owners Club welcomes anyone with an interest in Carlight Caravans. Carlight owners can become full members and can attend the clubs rallies.

Castleton Owners Club
For owners of the Castleton Caravan. The the Club holds social activities and Rallies in England, Scotland and Wales for Castleton owners.

Cheltenham Owners Club
If you are not already a member and own a Cheltenham caravan you are encouraged to join the Cheltenham Owners Club, also check out their sales page if you are looking for one

Coachman Owners
Membership of the Coachman Owners Club is open to all  owners of Coachman Caravans made in the UK. The aim of the club is to promote a common bond & friendship among members by holding rallies and socials throughout the year

The place to be if you have a combi camp or are thinking of buying one. Great forum for information on these units, top tips and advice from combi users

Compass & Herald Motorhome Club
The Compass and Herald Motorhome Club is a small friendly and informal Club. They hold regular rallies throughout the year in a variety of locations. 5 day rallies are organised with the first Rally of the year usually being in March, and the final rally being the December Christmas Rally. A mixture of commercial and green field sites are used and several rallies at shows and exhibitions in this country. Informal foreign rallies are held occasionally.

Conway Owners Club
The club for owners of Conway trailer tents & folding campers. Loads of information on the Conway brand, forum, photos and much more. Check out the site for more info.

Catenian Caravanning Fellowship
Membership is open to all Catenians and their sons and daughters who own a caravan, motorhome, trailertent or tent. Rallies in England and France__

Dandy Owners Club
For owners of Dandy Folding Campers. Rallies are held at various locations on camping and caravan sites across Great Britain. The club provides support to its members

Dormobile Owners Club
Open to owners of Dormobile motorcaravans  manufactured from 1954 to the mid eighties. The Club offers a chance to meet other owners of these vehicles at meets or at shows

E - F

Eccles Caravan Owners Club
The Eccles Caravan Owners Club is open exclusively to all owners of Eccles caravans including the Elite and Elan models. New members welcome, rallies and social events for members

Elddis Owners Club
The Elddis Owners Club for owners of the Elddis brand of caravan. A long standing club with an extensive rally plan

Eriba Owners Club of Great Britain
A Club for owners of Eriba Caravans and Eribacar motor homes run by volunteers for the enjoyment of members sharing a common interest in Eriba.

Fleetwood Owners Club
Now open to owners of any make of caravan, also Motorhomes. this club was originally for owners of the Fleetwood branded units and still has many members owning such units

G - I

Historic Caravan Club

The Historic Caravan Club aim is to promote the preservation and use of vintage and classic caravans and give an increased awareness of this important part of our motoring and social history and educate future generations in the development and preservation of caravans. It is not essential that new members are owners as it is important that people join who are looking for a suitable caravan. This ensures that homes are waiting for those rare caravans which turn up with a time limit before they are destroyed.

For more information:
Website: Historic Caravan Club

Geist Owners Club was created in 2009 as a managed club, supporting the owners of Geist caravans after the failure of the Geist importer in Australia.

Hobby Owners Club
The place for information, advice and chat on everything to do with Hobby Caravans. Run by Enthusiasts, for Enthusiasts. Topics include Towing Advice, Technical Information, Spares, For Sale/Wanted, Places to Stay.

Hymer Club International
A club for Hymer owners Non members are invited to join the club

J - N

La Strada Club UK
A club formed for owners of the La Strada motorhomes / campervans to enable them to share their enjoyment of their van

LAIKA Club of Great Britain
Club for owners of Laika Motorhomes. They hold rallies and meets for members

Lunar Owners Club
Lunar Owners Club, the premier club for Lunar Venus & Chateau Caravan Owners. You will find lots of information about the Club and its activities on their website. It is open to all those who have a Lunar, Venus or Chateau caravan or a Lunar motorhome. It doesn’t matter whether you, or your caravan are young or old, experienced or a novice. Join the club and one of the many UK or European rallies.

Mustang Caravan Owners Club
Mustang Caravan Owners’ Club was formed in 1977 by a group of strangers who very quickly became friends, and though production of the Mustang Caravan ceased in 1983/84 we are still a thriving Caravan Club, which likes to encourage like minded people to join our caravanning family

The Murvi Club
The Murvi Club is open to owners of Murvi Motorhomes, and those who have placed a firm order. See the website for details of how to join and get details of events and tips.

O - S

Pennine Owners Club
The Pennine Owners club, the only club exclusively for the owners of Pennine Folding Campers, and since 2009 for owners of folding campers manufactured by the Pennine Leisure Group. Members across the country who enjoy the opportunity to meet. The club sets out to provide a family friendly series of events throughout the camping season.

Polar Caravan Club
For Polar Caravan owners who wish to join and celebrate all things Polar.
They hold an annual  AGM meeting and various rallies around the UK every year. A pleasant group of people who all enjoy caravaning in Polar caravans. If you own a Polar maybe you'd like to join them.

Rapido Caravan Club
Rapido Caravan Club was founded in 1983 and since that time membership has comprised all types of caravan made by Rapido; folders, pop tops and motorhomes. Rapido models include Export-matic, Confort-matic, Orline, Club, and Randonneur. The club also welcomes owners of post-1994 Esterel half folders.

Renault Trafic Motorhome Register
The Renault Trafic Motorhome Register is orientated to Motorhomes based on the Renault Trafic. The website is a focus and reference for all Trafic camper/motorhome owners, RTMR members and prospective members

Roma Owners Club
Membership of the Roma Club is open to owners of any model Romahome, vehicles manufactured by Romahome. formerly Island Plastics.

Royale Owners Club
The Royale Caravan Owner's Club enjoy caravanning in their  Royale caravans in their natural environment and promote the quality and longevity of the vans. The youngest of them is now being over twenty six years old

Sterling Caravan Owners Club
One of the larger long standing clubs with well over 10 rallies a year spread across the country

Swift Owners Club
The club for all owners of Swift Group caravans and motorhomes.

T - W

T4 - T5 Camping Club
The T4 - T5 Camping Club caters for all model VW T4-T5 Campervans, selfbuilds and motorhomes. Check out and for more details and information

TEC Owners Club
Rallies are informal and are designed so that a weekend away is relaxing and restful .

Tolbot Owners Club
Talbot EXPRESS Campervan and Motorhome Owners Club & Forum (Peugeot J5, Citroen C25 & Fiat Ducato models) Keeping The Dream Alive

Vanmaster Owners Club
A well established caravan club The Vanmaster Owners Club  been holding rallies for Vanmaster Owners around Britain for many years.

Vanmaster Association
The Association should be of interest to all owners of Vanmaster caravans and motorhomes. Plans for rallies can be found on it's website along with other details of how to join and a members area is available.

Windrush Club
A club for owners of Windrush / Celeste caravann. Check out their forum

Welton Owners' Club
The Welton caravans were built in Welton near Hull and production started in 1955. Production ceased in July 1975.The Welton Caravan club was founded in 1969. The Club is now fairly small for a national club and most members are retired.

Lost Owners Clubs
Well only lost to us that is as we have not been able to find their website or any contact details for them or the details we have suggest they may no longer be operational. If the owners or the committee would like to contact us we would be happy to add details or remove the listing as appropriate.

Astral Owners Club

Avondale Caravan Club

Car Cruiser Owners Club

Cardinal Caravan Club

Concraft Camping Club

Deanline and A. Line Caravan Club

Fairford Caravan Owners Club

Fisher Caravan Owners Club  Tel: 020 89530550

Lynton Caravan Club

Mardon Club Tel: 01535 603258

Lynton Caravan Club

Lunar Caravans Pleasure Club

Rapido and Silver Caravaning Club

Robin Owners Club

Roma Caravan Club

Royale Owners Club

Peugeot Caravan & Camping Club

RV Owners Club

Swift Motorhome Owners Club

Vanroyce Caravan Owners Club

Viking Fibreline Club

Viscount Caravan Club

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Is your Club listed above? Would you like to add more details about your club?. If you are a member of an Owners Club, Rally Club or a Car Club and would like your club details listed on this page just E-mail us by clicking Here

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