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Special Interest
Special Interest
Music, Amateur Radio, Religious, Charity, Professions, And Activity Clubs

Here we feature Special Interest Camping And Caravanning Clubs. Clubs that base their camping on a common interest, be it music, amateur radio, religion, charity, professions, private members clubs or activitie groups.

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Special Groups

Here you will find clubs that form there membership around common interests such as religion, charity, hobbies, and profesions and go camping together. The clubs are generaly only open to others who share the groups interest.

Religious Camping Clubs

Catenian Caravanning Fellowship
Membership is open to all Catenians and their sons and daughters who own a caravan, motorhome, trailertent or tent. Rallies in England and France

United Reformed Church Caravan Fellowship
Created in 1979 the URCCF exists to give opportunities for church-going families from all Christian denominations to make better use of their caravans. They  welcome couples, singles and families in caravans, motorhomes and tents.

Caravanners & Campers Christian Fellowship
The Caravanners and Campers Christian Fellowship, run day, weekend & holiday rallies all year, in all parts of the UK with times for fellowship, praise, worship and relaxation.

Music And The Arts

The Camping and Caravan Club Folk Group
Open to all Camping and Caravanning Club members, the Folk Group, as it is known amongst it's members, was formed in 1962, to encourage all aspects of Traditional and Folk Culture within the social life of the Camping and Caravanning Club. This includes folk music, dance, song, and traditional and contemporary crafts. The Folk Group is divided into nine Sections covering England and Wales.

Folks Camps Society Limited
Will appeal to people who like folk festivals, dancing and enjoy camping and meeting others. They run holidays under canvas with an emphasis on folk dance, music and song.

Masonic Camping Groups

Notts Masonic Caravanners Association
The Nottinghamshire Masonic Caravan Association was formed in the early 1980ís The N.M.C.A. serves as a focal point for Nottinghamshire Masons, and their families, who enjoy the social and leisure pursuit of Caravanning and/or Motor Caravanning

West Lancashire Masonic Caravan Club
Caravan club for members and their families.

Durham Masonic Caravan & Camping Club
A club for freemasons and their families who enjoy  camping & caravanning and organising rallies and social activities. They hold weekend rallies throughout the year

Charity And Good Cause Camping Clubs

international Caravanning Fellowship of Rotarians
Our membership is exclusive to Rotarians. We organise a full programme of Rallies in the UK together with rallies in Europe and further afield.

Friends of Leukaemia Research Caravan Club

Libra Charity Club Caravanning

Leukaemia Research Caravan Club

Old And Historic Unit Clubs

Historic Caravan Club

The Historic Caravan Club aim is to promote the preservation and use of vintage and classic caravans and give an increased awareness of this important part of our motoring and social history and educate future generations in the development and preservation of caravans. It is not essential that new members are owners as it is important that people join who are looking for a suitable caravan. This ensures that homes are waiting for those rare caravans which turn up with a time limit before they are destroyed.

For more information:
Website: Historic Caravan Club



Professional Groups

Fire Service Caravan & Camping Club



Midlands Amateur Radio Caravan Club
A recreational group interested in ham radio, based in the Midlands, Dudley and Stourbridge.

Amateur Radio Caravan & Camping Club
Dedicated to both Amateur Radio / Caravanning  & Camping The ARCC holds several weekend rallies at various sites, the majority of the rallies within a 30 mile radius of Leicestershire.

Activity Based Groups

Piscatorial Ramblers Caravan & Camping Club

Ramblers Caravan & Camping Club

Other Clubs we have no details on but may fit in this section

Independent Order of Foresters NC & C Club

Order of Woodcraft Chivalry

Quintet Plus Caravan Club

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Is your Club listed above? Would you like to add more details about your club?. If you are a member of an Owners Club, Rally Club or a Car Club and would like your club details listed on this page just E-mail us by clicking Here

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