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Clubs For Retired, Singles, Adult Only, Gays

Camping and caravanning clubs that run around the group of people they want in the club. So clubs rallying with out the kids we call ( Adult Only Clubs ) clubs for people camping alone ( Singles Clubs ) clubs just for retired people ( Retired Only Clubs ) and clubs for the Gay and Lesbian community.

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Clubs for adults only, singles, caravan clubs for retired people and other special interest groups such as gay camping and caravanners. This page is not for general owners clubs, regional rally clubs or national rally clubs, you will find them in our A to Z listings on other pages. If you would like to add your club just drop us an email with the web address, subject to acceptance we will add it to our clubs page


Adult Only Camping And Caravanning Clubs
Here we have clubs that rally child free, so they are for adults only who enjoy social events and rallies in adult company.

Rendezvous Caravan Club

The club membership is exclusively for adults only who are looking for a more tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. A small Midlands based Caravan and Camping Club, welcoming any new members that wish to join us for weekends and some 5 day rallies. The club holds rallies in the Midlands area and welcomes all types of units, caravans , motor-homes, trailer tents etc. A small and friendly club. Membership is just £10 per unit per year. The Rendezvous Caravan Club was formed and certificated in April 2006 holding its first rally in June at Greenfields Balsall Common. Warwickshire.  18+ rallies per year beginning in February to December. Members are welcome to join the rallies and light hearted entertainment. 

For more information:
Website: Rendezvous Caravan Club

The Phoenix Camping Club

Do you live and camp alone? If the answer is yes, then The Phoenix Camping Club maybe just what you are looking for. A friendly club whose members come from all walks of life and from all over the UK, with one thing in common a love of camping whether it be in a caravan, motorhome or tent and wish to camp with people who are also single. Camping units, from small tents right through to large twin axel caravans and motorhomes are welcome.

For more information:
Website The Phoenix Camping Club
Email  Phoenix Camping Club

Nice People Caravan & Camping Club
A small, well established club which, unlike lots of others that meet only at weekends, rally all over the UK for 7 or 10 days monthly April
through October. The Club is for grown-ups only


Singles Camping And Caravanning Clubs
Divorce, separated or single then these clubs may well be for you. The are formed for people who camp alone and enjot camping and caravanning.

The Loners Group

Formed in 1976 for those who caravan alone because of bereavement, divorce, separation or single status. The club welcomes all people who camp alone and enjoy caravanning. A group of solo tenters, motor caravanners and caravanners who camp alone. Through the main caravanning season The Loners organise several meets each week to suit our members living in all parts of the country. October to March Winter Lunches are organised, an easy way to meet other Loners and learn more about the Group. Once you have joined you will find full details of Winter Lunches in the Newsletter.

For more information:
Website Loners Group Caravan Club

The New Companions Club

The New Companions Club is a friendship club for people who camp on their own for whatever reason, whether widowed, divorced, separated or single or indeed have a non-camping partner.  The Club's objective is to meet for camping and related activities to enable members to enjoy recreation and good companionship. Members host meets and tours throughout the year at Caravan Club, Camping and Caravanning Club, private sites and rally fields generally throughout the UK. There is a regular club Newsletter.

For more information:
Website: New Companions Club

Retired Caravan And Camping Clubs
Retired and looking for a club with other campers and caravanners from the same generation, then check these out.

The Retired Caravanners Association

A national friendly rally club for the Retired. A happy band of social caravanners, all retired, who revel in the freedom and camaraderie of the rally field and the easy going companionship of like minded friends. Membership included members with both tourers and motorhomes. Around 60 to 70 rallies per year throughout mainland UK from March to October so plenty to choose from.  Rallies are from seven to fourteen days duration. If you or your spouse or partner are, retired from full time employment and own a caravan or motor caravan, then just go the Membership page on their website to join the club.

For more information:

PLUS Retired Caravanners Club

PLUS "People Like Us" that's what the plus stands for. This is a North West based caravan club for those who are retired. Run by members who enjoy the freedom of caravanning, meeting new people, making new friends but want to relax and roam more often. The club runs both week day rallies and weekend rallies. A good selection of rallies and locations are available each year in their rally plan and they often get very favourable rally rates.

For more information:
Website: PLUS Retired Caravanners Club

Honeycomb Caravan Club
The Honeycomb Caravan Clubs membership is made up of mostly retired couples. The rally programme is made up of mostly 5 night rallies around he midlands and the Welsh borders. Honeycomb Caravan Club is the Bees Knees!

Derbyshire Retired Caravannerís Club

We have no information on this rally club, if the owners or committee would like to contact us we would be happy to add a few details


Lesbians And Gay Camping And Caravanning Clubs
Lesbians and gay camping and caravan clubs, we have a couple to choose from here.

The Freedom Club

A camping and caravan club for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people. If you enjoy camping in a tent, caravan or motorhome and you are looking to make friends with like-minded people in your area and beyond this may be the club for you. Members only newsletter and chat forums. Members use the web services to advise others when and where they will be camping, with a view to meeting up to socialise together.

For more information:
Website:The Freedom Club

Gay Caravan And Motorhome Club

A UK-based club for lesbians and gay men, who own a Caravan, Tent or Motorhome and who enjoy sharing weekend or week-long rallies throughout the UK and occasionally Europe with like-minded people. The club uses sites run or recommended by the Caravan Club, The Camping & Caravanning Club and commercial sites. The member hosting the meet chooses the site. All members are encouraged to organise a meet if they are able, but there is no compulsion.

For more information:
Website:Gay Caravan And Motorhome Club

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Is your Club listed above? Would you like to add more details about your club?. If you are a member of an Owners Club, Rally Club or a Car Club and would like your club details listed on this page just E-mail us by clicking Here

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