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Caravan Motorhome and Folding Camper Insurance

Find insurance cover for your camping unit, Caravan Insurance, Motorhome Insurance, Campervans, Folding Campers, even pet insurance to cover you for them unexpected vets bills and much more, just select from the listed companies and get a quote. We have links to Insurance companies providing cover for most type of unit plus cars home and travel insurance. Get insurance cover and compare the best insurance quotes from our selected companies. Also check out our members discount from our Featured Company Caravan Guard with up to 10% off Caravan Insurance. Caravan Insurance, Motorhome Insurance, Home Insurance, Insurance for Cars, Campers even your Pet, check it out here. A great selection of insurance cover here on 365 Camping Caravanning. 
You can also check out Insurance news & guides with top tips on driving safety, winter driving, home security, and much more.

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365 Camping Caravanning is an Introducer Appointed Representative to Caravan Guard Ltd. Caravan Guard Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

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 Members Discount Available

Members of  365 Camping Caravanning qualify for a 10% discount off their Trailer Tent, Folding Camper and Touring Caravan Insurance and a 2.5% discount off Motorhome Insurance with Caravan Guard. All you need to do is mention you are a member of 365 Camping Caravanning when taking out cover.  Click the link for a quote.

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Remember there are things you can do to lower your caravan insurance premiums. Many caravan insurance companies will offer discounts for improved security such as fitting alarms, immobilisers, tracker devices, and mechanical locking devices such as wheel clamps, hitch locks, corner steady locks and security posts.  Remember a comprehensive caravan insurance policy may not be the cheapest but a cheap policy may not be comprehensive, check what your quote provides cover for when comparing insurance quotes. If you are planning on buying a new or used caravan don't overlook the need to get your unit insured. Insurance can cover the caravan and some or all of its contents. Be sure to check what the cover offered actually covers, will your awning and other equipment be included if damaged or stolen? Be sure to get all the discounts available.

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Caravan Insurance

Looking for an insurance quote for a touring caravan, then this is a good place to start. You should be able to get competitive quotes for most of the major makes of caravan, so insurance cover for touring caravans made by Swift, Elddis, Lunar, Bailey and many more should be possible from a selection of our listed caravan insurers.



Motorhome Insurance
And Campervan Insurance

Looking for a motorhome or campervan insurance quote then this is a good place to start. Get a quote from one of our selected insurance providers. Motorhome can be a very expensive purchase and insurance cover is a way of protecting your purchase should the unthinkable happen and your prize and joy gets stolen or is damaged.


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Folding Camper And Trailer Tent Insurance

Well worth getting insured with the cost of modern trailer tents and folding caravans being significant its worth protecting your investment by getting good insurance cover that would allow you to replace or repair it should you suffer a loss


  Mondeo - 365 Camping Caravanning  Car Insurance

Car insurance, a very competitive market, so go compare but check out our selection you may be surprised at your quote


  Mondeo - 365 Camping Caravanning  Breakdown Cover

It can always be a matter of concern when travelling on holiday, will the car or motorhome have a problem on route. Breakdown cover can offer piece of mind knowing that if you do have a problem help is at hand. Looking for break down cover for your towing unit (car + caravan or trailer) or breakdown cover for your motorhome, campervan or just the car. Here we have a selection of companies providing breakdown cover. Please make sure the cover you require is the cover you get, cheap cover may not provide the rescue and or recovery you require when towing or breaking down many miles from home. Most companies provide a selection of cover ranging from basic car roadside assistance to full rescue and recovery to your destination or back home.

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