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Types Of Camping And Caravanning Units Available In The UK

Find Out More About The Choice Of Camping And Caravanning Units Available In The UK. Just Click any of the links below to find out more

More About Tents

Tents come in many sizes types and can cost just a few pounds to many hundreds of pounds

365 Camping Caravanning Clubs your place on the internet for camping and caravanning 365 days a year Trailer tents, a tent with the benifit of a trailer base that often doubles as a sleeping platform

 More About Folding Campers And Trailer Tents

The folding camper a clever unit using what looks often just like the bottom half of a caravan as the base with a material top often canvas that cleverly folds into the base unit. These units are often well equipped inside much like a caravan. The trailer tent basically a tent with the benefit of a trailer to transport it in that is often used also as the base for the bed, keeping you off the ground and offering some protection from the cold. Some units come with a kitchen and basic fittings on the trailer unit

pop up campers, like a folding camper with a hard top

 More About Pop Up Campers PUP's

A unit much like the Folding Camper but with the benefit of a hard top and a wind up erection method rather than unfolding like the Folding Camper. Not currently made in the UK so only imports and second-hand units are available

Teardrop trailers, a great small sleeping unit with no canvas so totaly enclosed

More About Teardrop Trailers

A very small tear shaped unit, not generally having standing room but can be towed by small cars. Some are kited out inside to offer sleeping and basic facilities

More About Micro Caravans  & Innovative Constructions

Very small caravans generally offering standing height that can be towed by small cars and innovative builds of unusual caravans

pop top caravand and folding caravans

More About Pop Top And Folding Caravans

Much like any caravan but with the ability to reduce towing and storage height by dropping a pop top or completely folding down


Caravans on of the most populare units to be found on campsites

More About Caravans

One of the most popular units in the UK the caravan can offer basic to full luxury accommodation and comes in many sizes and specifications

Campervans, very versatile units can often be used as a car or caravan

More About Campervans

A camping unit built into the back of a van, with a range of options on equipment and size and specification

Motorhomes,generaly a very versatile unit and very popular for traveling abroad

More About Motorhomes

A camping unit built onto a comercial chassi some retaining the van cab area and others totaly purpose built units driving area and living area built onto a chassi

Not to many in theUK due to there size but a great unit

More About 5th Wheelers

Much like a caravan on the rear of a pickup type vehicle, a luxury unit not often seen in the UK

Tow cars

More About Cars

To top off the section we thought we would add a section on the car

Unusual Camping And Caravanning Units

We take a look at units that look different, old designs, new concepts and original ideas.





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